We Fell Apart




We fell apart and I think you're to blame

I've done my part you should feel ashamed

The outlook is dark but you brung the rain

Gave you my heart, you were just playing games


I kept quiet when you went out drankin' all night long

and I never snitched on all your killin' of your country songs


I'd rather hear nails on the board of the color of your own

Darlin' noones died from leavin' with no makeup on




You say I never take you out, or show you a good time

But I've been broke since you discovered how to shop online


You ramble how you're a man, respect is what you're owed

But if that's what you're lookin' for, you best keep on them clothes





I've been told that love's a game, with you it ain't no fun

Ya cheat and lie, break all the rules, now nobody's won




We Fell Apart - Well Worn Soles

Big Red Fire





Don’t know when I dozed, but when I woke

the fire’s unquestionably dying

Now all that is left is smoldering logs

but the smoke ain’t the reason i’m crying


Day’s a fine one, but I got nothing left

time to pack up and go

Sure I’ll miss it, this trip we’ve been livin'

but I'll miss more the comforts of home


Your desperate reliance on me it sometime faded

I guess I grew out of my limp

Now you’re all grown up and I don’t need a crutch

sure is lonely living healthy and old




We were something, me and you

two happy spiders

all tangled up in our web

But as nature predicted when we were finished

well, you gone and you bit off my head


Lord knows I’m not without blame

it hurts, but it’s the cold hard truth

Cause when we were sliding

I sought to save myself

and watched as ya fell off the roof




Now I sit here alone and I'm chilled to the bone

While you’re off with some other admirer

And all I can do is wail this old lament

for our big red warm loving fire



Big Red Fire - Well Worn Soles

White Paper Lie




There's a letter I keep in my pocket,

I read most every day

Just words you scribbled down breathless,

How ya loved me but you were afraid

Now my memories and wishes are closer

But paper is useless to save

But it's all that's left, of your love for me

Since you gave the rest all away



Sometimes a line makes me smile

Sometimes that's enough to get by

But mostly it helps, to imagine you miss me

And keeps me from saying goodbye


There's a memory I keep in my holster, 

I feel almost every night

The power that I held to hurt you,

The power that I held to fight

Now I'm haunted at night by indifference

That in day I can pass off as shame

The memory helps, pretending you miss me

And the picture of you being afraid





The hole that you left makes me feel less than half

 of the person that I was before

And I wonder if memories are holding me back

from feeling whole once more


There’s an image of you I can’t banish

That comes from bouncing through mirrors in my mind

Truth’s been found in false idols

And I find you impossibly kind but mirrors are easily broken

And idols are burned in good time

So when I forget to think you love me

I’ll burn your white paper lie



White Paper Lie - Well Worn Soles